Baffo’s Sculpting Table Season 1 Recap

Greetings everyone. It is me, Baffo! Long time followers of Muse on Minis might remember some of my hobby articles from 2013/14 (let us call that Season 1), while newer fans, that came along during my hiatus, might not have seen any of those and have no idea who this beardy buffoon is… For either sides it is now a bit challenging to go back trough the extensive archives of past articles on MoM, unless you know exactly what you are looking for, so before we start a new series of hobby articles we thought of re-capping all the past articles up to now in a comprehensive list with short descriptions. Hope you find that useful 🙂

Baffo’s Sculpting Table (12 articles)

This was my ‘main articles series’. It covers a number of conversions from concept to execution, showing and describing the steps of the process (Click on the pictures to go to the corresponding article):

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 01 – Katyusha

01 BST 01Conquest’s conversion involving rocket pods instead of secondary cannons, expanded main cannon turret, Behemoth-like blasting fists and some other details…

Useful tip/trick: How to make your own multi-rocket pods

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 02 – MoW Elites

01 BST 02Khador’s Man-o-War conversion focused on adding Butcher-like trench coats to medium based infantry to make them more characterful and eye catching…

Useful tip/trick: How to make thin even sheets of green stuff (to make coats/cloaks/banners) and how to sculpt Belt buckels.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 03 – Urban bases

01 BST 03Tutorial on how to make your own urban (man-made floors) scenic bases in 3 distinct patterns…

Useful tip/trick: How to sculpt Brick, Wooden planks and Metal floor patterns.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 04 – Scaly skins

01 BST 04Commission conversion of a unit of Skorne’s Cetrati based on giving them scaly skin cloaks instead of the usual back spikes and banners…

Useful tip/trick: How to make ‘Ghetto sculpting tools’ and how to sculpt 6 different scaly skin patterns

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 05 – Judi

01 BST 05Judicator’s conversion focused on expanding up the main rocket pods, moving the flamers from the torso to the beefed up forearms…

Useful tip/trick: Different application of the ‘Multi-rocket pods’ recipe from the Conquest conversion.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 06 – Vlad’s Make-over

01 BST 06Article focused entirely on reposing and beefing up Vlad1’s original model (weapon swaps, re-sculpted torso and mantle with fur…

Useful tip/trick: How to sculpt simple fur.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 07 – More bases

01 BST 07Another tutorial on making urban themed bases (several variations of tiled or stone floors).

Useful tip/trick: Several beginner’s tips on sculpting tools and 12 different floor patterns

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 08 – Metal Ghetorix

01 BST 08Conversion of the classic metal Feral warpwolf model into Ghetorix (with extra details like bone armor and a ‘ribcage shoulder pad’…

Useful tip/trick: Sculpting ‘bone armor’.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 09 – Urban Shifting stones

01 BST 09Article presenting how to scratch build your own Circle Shifting stones in the Urban theme of my bases…

Useful tip/trick: Sculpting bricks and nice sloped surfaces.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 10 – Sewers and Spiders

01 BST 10Article focused on making more elaborate scenic bases on the Sewers theme, for Ramos and his Mechanical spiders (Malifaux 1st edition models from the Arcanist faction)…

Useful tip/trick: More examples of urban (sewer) bases.

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 11 – Stormwall’s Gatlings

01 BST 11Article covering a commission job to make some bigger Gatling guns under-slung on the Stormwall’s arms (like a Cyclone)…

Baffo’s Sculpting Table 12 – Iron Fang Hammerers

01 BST 12Conversion of an entire unit of Iron Fang Hammerers (sculpting custom blasting hammers instead of pikes) with custom banner and dragon scales mantles…

Useful tip/trick: Another variant of Scaly skin pattern for cloaks and banners.

Baffo’s Colossal Ideas (3 articles)

This mini series of articles was mainly a gallery or sketches and pen drawings presenting various concepts for conversions on colossals and gargantuans, explaining the theme and the thought process behind my ideas:

Baffo’s Colossal Ideas 01

02 BCI 01Covers 2 Stormwall variations, 2 Kraken conversions and the Mech-thrall King a conversion that might count as both a Kraken or a Mountain king…

Baffo’s Colossal Ideas 02

02 BCI 02Presents 2 Galleon ideas (one linked to Broadside Bart and one for Magnus the Traitor/Bastard), a Judicator variant (different from the one I made) and a Hyperion conversion inspired by the anime/manga Escaflowne…

Baffo’s Colossal Ideas 03

02 BCI 032 Blighted Mountain king ideas (could count as Throne of Evrblight and Archangel respectively) and 3 Mammoth ideas (Dino riders, Giant Bronzeback and Giant Ancestral guardian themed)…

One-offs (2 articles)

A couple of articles that weren’t part of any over-arching series:

IKRPG Musings

03 IKRPGAn atypical article were I discuss translating role playing characters from a past Fudge RPG campaign into the IKRPG system. To introduce the characters I showed off an old mini comic based on the events of a particularly disastrous role playing session and then I went over all the party’s characters and how I would ‘re-spec’ them to fit in the Iron kingdoms. Contains quite a few character sketches you might find inspirational for your own role playing campaigns…

Baffo’s Conversion Ideas

04 BCI SpSimilar to the Colossal ideas series, this is mainly a gallery of a few conversion concepts for Iron Fang Hammerers (then executed in Sculpting table 12), Man-o-War Doom reavers (colored illustrations), cooler Assault kommandos (Strakhov-like ‘skirts’ and different masks) and Boomhauler’s trollkin Gunmages…

Well, that rounds up every hobby article I’ve posted on MoM; hope you find something to your liking.

We will start the new ‘season’ of hobby articles with a mini series (3-4 articles) called Circle of Doom; here is a teaser while you wait… Cheers!

05 Teaser

Look for more Baffo’s Sculpting Table articles fortnightly on Thursdays!

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