Baffo’s Sculpting Table 11 – Stormwall’s Gatlings


Greetings everyone! This week we will take a look at a ‘smaller colossal’ conversion I finished recently for one of my locals (S’tan, the same guy I converted Judi for…): custom Gatlings on the Stormwall’s arms, instead of the regular small chain guns in the model’s chest. Long time followers of the site might remember my Stormwall conversion concept sketches from over a year ago (if you don’t know what I am talking about here’s a link) and since S’tan recently bought the Cygnar colossal I got a chance to put some of those ideas into practice.

S’tan had some ideas of his own and converted the main body of the model on by himself. As you will see in the final pictures, he made the model taller by extending the ‘abdomen area’ with bits from an old Wh 40k Dark eldar jet-bike and the original chain guns used as pistons, plus he realigned the Stormwall’s main cannons by sawing off the shoulders and reattaching them rotated down, so that the cannons are pointing at stuff the model is looking at, rather than in the air.

I should also point out that while magnetizing the model, he happened to drill trough the resin layer and reached the hollow part of the model but solved the issue by pouring melted wax in the cavity to get some mass to ‘green stuff-glue’ the magnets to (more stability). The wax filling trick is useful for any resin models that are hollow, if you need to pin into it or support parts where the resin layer is very thin (for example could be necessary with Gallow groves and other Resin hybrid kits).



Anyway, when S’tan was done with his part of the conversion, he passed the project on to me, so we did some brainstorming on the design we wanted for the new chain guns and I sketched a few alternatives so that he could pick and chose the details he liked the most…

01 Initial options

The ‘theme’ of the conversion was ‘lean and tall’, so S’tan wanted the ammo drum to have a smaller diameter and the weapon to be longer overall, so I made some changes to the sketch and we settled on this rough design:

02 Rough design


I started with the ammunition drums, since I expected them to take the most time (many separate steps of green stuffing and waiting for it to cure):

03 Ammo drum 1

I used a plastic rod (5mm diameter) as the core and green stuff-glued thinner plastic tubes (1.5 mm diameter) all around to be visible ammo rounds in the drum magazine.

04 Ammo drum 2

While the green stuff was drying up I searched in my bits box and found some old round shields (I think they’re Wh Fantasy 5th edition skeleton shields) that were just slightly wider than the rolls of tubes I glued together, so I decided to use them as the core of my green stuff work for the next steps. In general it is difficult to make consistent round shapes with just modeling putty; if you have a solid core it becomes much more simple to keep the size and shape of the curve consistent. As you can see in the pictures I made the borders of the ammo drums with green stuff using the aforementioned shields as base.

05 Ammo drum 3

For the next step I fished out some smaller round shields (these are Wh Fantasy 6th edition Dwarf shields), glued them to the outer sides of the ammo drums and filled the step with modeling putty to get the sloped edge detail. Once that was done I green stuffed the middle strip and attached the plastic peg at the top for the next step of the scratch build…

06 Ammo drum 4

I cut narrow strips of plastic card (1 mm thick) and gave more body to the bit that would carry the ammunition drum and used some modeling putty to fill out the gaps.


Next I got down to work on the actual Gatling guns. I had the barrels of a Wh 40k Baneblade’s Vulcan mega bolter leftover from the time when I was into 40k Apocalypse, so I used those as starting point…

07 Gatling 1

Since we decided not to use the bucklers that normally form the Stormwall’s wrists, this band (connecting the gun to the model’s forearm) had to compensate for the missing section (otherwise the arm would look very short). As you can see I just constructed a ‘box’ of plastic card and used modeling putty to fill out the curved parts.

08 Gatling 2

Next I had to build up the ‘body’ of the machine guns, mainly using plastic card and a little grey and green stuff for the curved details on the bottom.

09 Gatling 3

Meanwhile I tried ‘dry fitting’ the gun under the model’s fore arm, noticed the elbow armor plate was a bit in the way and ended up filing it off and re-sculpting it with grey stuff in a shape that fitted the gun slightly better.

10 Gatling 4

Once that was cured I finally got to pin the forearms to my custom Gatlings and add some rivets to break up the large empty surfaces on the guns. After that I just had to glue on the fists and ammunition drums, so here are the finished Stormwall arms:

11 Assembled arms

Finished conversion:

12 Front view

13 Back view

14 Side view

That should be enough for this article. When S’tan finishes painting this colossal I’ll post pictures somewhere and add a link in this article. As usual if you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below. Cheers!!!


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