Baffo’s colossal ideas (part 3)


During the holidays I did not manage to do as much work on my models as I was hoping to, but I did draw a few new sketches of ideas to convert some of the gargantuans that we haven’t discussed yet.

Blighted Mountain king (aka Giant incubus):

Imagine Tagrosh finding a hibernating MK while traveling the underground cave network; what do you think he might do? Everblight, being as curious as he is, would probably try sticking an athnak shard in the beast to corrupt it with blight and mutate in some sort of giant incubus (visually it would fit well with the theme of the extreme Carnivean, Afflictor and Incubi).

My brother and I got this idea, when we were thinking about MK conversions (like the giant Mechani-Troll) and the first draft of the concept was the following:

Looking at the sketch for a bit, it crossed my mind that this could work well as a Throne of Everblight alternative (especially if you are fielding two of them). One would just need to put the platform with the sorceress on top of the MK back. Granted this would make for a fairly expensive Throne, since you’re converting it from a Gargantuan, but if you keep the platform at the top removable (magnetize it), you could still field the models as an actual MK.

In turn this spurred the idea for an ‘army conversion’: evil blighted trollbloods. In the IK there are several dragons beside Toruk and Everblight and since a confrontation between them seems inevitable, I would expect more dragons gathering lesser followers to help in the conflict. In this case let say one of the other dragons, inspired by Everblight’s success with the Nyss, found some isolated Kriels, that did not follow Madrak’s exodus and decided to blight some mighty trolls instead of puny elves… The result would be an army of ‘evil bloodthirsty trolls’ with scales, spikes and other mutations.


Parasitic Archangel (aka Tapeworm on steroids):

Now, if we want this concept as an Archangel alternative it needs wings and probably to look a bit more nimble… Let say our giant Incubus kept only the upper torso and arms from its giant host, it shed the heavy rocks from the back and grew wings and a more serpentine lower body from the hosts’ spine:

I imagine this one slowly growing inside its gargantuan host while sapping its energy to convert it into blight, making the giant troll increasingly hungry, aggressive and sickly, gradually shedding its stone skin, until the ‘serpentine parasite grows enough to burst out of the host  body ‘Aline style’. As you can see in the sketch I would keep the torso and arms (let assume it took over the nervous system and some of the organs) and turn excess skin and bones into its wings…

Granted, this conversion would require some pretty advanced conversion work and a fair bit of sculpting, but it could work well as a different take on the archangel (if you already have the original archangel and want a different second one).


Giant Triceratops (aka Dino rider Mammoth):

Several Skorne beasts look a lot like dinosaurs (see the Archidon and Rhinodon for examples) and when I saw the pictures of the Mammoth’s model, I noticed the large bone plate over the beasts’ head, since it distinctively reminded me of a triceratops’ head. Anyway, I have received a few requests on the boards, about making a Dino rider themed conversion, so here is my ‘dino’ conversion concept for the Skorne gargantuan:

The main details in this conversion are the horns, but that change is pretty easy. You could just take the model’s tusks (you have 2 pairs to choose from) and pin them to the bone plate on the head, while green stuffing the contact point and making some bone spikes to fill in the sockets where the tusks would normally go (incidentally that also resolves the Mammoth’s problem of not being able to get in base to base with other models, without having to turn it around).

Now if you want your Mammoth to be a bit more personal, you could also sculpt a slightly different mug or helmet for the beast (more like a triceratops) or even switch the blade on the nose with an actual bone horn. For most people that would probably make enough of a difference to be satisfied, but obviously that is not quite enough for me…

Continuing with the ‘3 horns theme’ we could modify the beast’s gauntlets to have triple spikes instead of the stock ‘blade punchers’ and would probably cut the original’s tail to re-sculpt it bent inwards (so that it doesn’t overhang over the back of the base); possibly add some blades or bone spikes on the end as well.

Finally the guns: if you wanted to go full out on the Dino rider reference, you would need to scratch build some sort of tank turret with the guns at the sides; an open turret with a visible gunner would work best, but is also a bit more challenging to convert. If I were to go down this rout, I would probably cut the 4 cannons from the stock model in 2 pairs and mount them on the turret like AA auto-cannons. Alternatively, if it annoys you, that by the rules the Mammoth has 3 shots but 4 guns, you could scratch build some big multi rocket pods or some other form of artillery of your choice…

Blaster Mammoth (aka Leaf blower)

Now if you are not a fan of the Triceratops look and don’t plan on using the original tusks (for practical reasons), here is a slightly different approach you could take:

As you can see in the drawing, I dropped the tusks and added some horns similar to the ones on the side of the beast’s head and tried to apply that ‘theme’ to some other elements on the model, like the gauntlets. I like the look of the Bronze back punching gauntlets, but to make them look a bit more threatening I added some bone spikes coming out of the sides (Batman style) to increase the reach of swipe attacks.

Lastly I moved the guns around the model a bit to get a slightly different look. For this you would need to cut off the lateral guns from the 4 cannon wrack and attach them to the smaller arms of the Mammoth, while keeping the 2 central cannons on top of the model (like Conquest). Looking at it afterwards I noticed they look like some giant leaf blowers, which (for those that are familiar with the ‘leaf blower’ army archetype from WH 40k) seems very appropriate for this model.


Ancestral Mammoth (aka giant Ancestral guardian)

Finally, here is an older concept I drew for the Mammoth, before pictures of the model got released:

As the title suggest this conversion revolves around turning the Mammoth in a giant stone armored mummy and uses details taken from Hakaar and other Ancestral guardians. This would involve a lot of sculpting, since you would need to cover all exposed skin with stone armor plates or bandages (assuming there is a mummified mammoth under all that stone). Also you would need to repose the model in a more upright position and probably sculpt your own ancestral guardian head.

Another idea related to this concept, was to modify the gun platform to fit an Extoller soulward, who would load up the cannons with broken souls stones and shoot out angry Kovas as artillery shells (Zaal’s idea obviously…), which would visually fit in very well with a Zaal or Hexeris undead theme.


That covers all my conversion ideas for ‘gargossals’ so far. Now it is time to start putting some of these ideas into practice; I have already ordered a Kraken to convert into the giant Death jack, while some of my local players are putting aside the funds to get their own huge based jacks/beasts (specifically a Judicator and a Mammoth), so you can expect some Sculpting table articles about those big scale conversions in the future months… Until then, cheers!

Author: Baffo

My nickname means 'mustache' in Italian and dates back to my middle school days. As the name suggests, I am a fiercely hairy fellow and depending on the haircut I can be mistaken for Chubaka, Manson or Rasputin:) I am a mix breed of nationalities from Slovenia (not to be confused with Slovakia), a very small European country between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia; our national meta is very small but has some fairly competitive players so we don't get bored. My main skills in tabletop war-gaming are sculpting, scratch-building and converting, so that is what my articles will cover... Anyway, cheers:D

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