Baffo’s colossal ideas (part 2)

Once again we are talking sketches and conversion ideas for colossals. This week we will brainstorm on concepts to personalize the last three huge based warjacks from the latest Warmachine book (Galleon, Judicator and Hyperion).

Admiral Hook (aka Bart’s land battleship):

Let start with the Galleon: both the model’s name and decorative details give off a strong naval feel (especially the right hand side shoulder pad that looks like the prow of a ship), so I tried to build upon that concept (this conversion could represent Broadside Bart’s personal colossal…).

The first change that came to mind, when I first saw the concept art of the Galleon, was switching the trident for an anchor (mainly due to the bit where the chain links to the harpoon).

Next I wanted to accent the asymmetry in the composition by keeping the original battery of deck guns on the left hand side of the torso and converting the right side to carry torpedoes/rocket pods. Since I am a megalomaniac, I also added one of the secondary guns from the Conquest on top of the right hand side shoulder (so that it looks like the front of a modern battleship) and mounted some extra torpedo launchers on top of the left shoulder… That seems something Bart would do, right?

After that I started thinking about ways to change up the cargo claw and ended up with a hooked claw. Finally I wanted to modify the head a bit and went with a mechanical Popeye face, with two different eyes (one squinting) and a ‘proxy smoking/exhaust pipe’.


Scrapheap (aka Magnus’ custom colossal):

For this concept I wanted to ignore/remove the pirate-y feel from the jack and make it look more like a scratch built custom colossal (the kind of thing Magnus is known to do…).

The first thing I thought of converting for this was the cargo claw: I wanted something more like an excavator dozer claw (or alternatively a wrecking ball, but that might create confusion about its rules…). Proceeding with the scrapyard theme, I decided to switch the trident on the harpoon with a ‘rocket propelled scrap metal crane claw’; I imagine it being shot at the enemy, using the rocket boost to fly further (remember pMagnus has Snipe), clamping down on its target and dragging it in, to be smashed in melee.

Next I wanted to do something different for its secondary batteries, since the original deck guns look very much like cannons on the broadside of a ship. As you have seen in my past articles, I like rockets and so does Magnus (proudly fielding multiple Renegades since Mk1) therefore I loaded up this colossal with as many missiles as I could fit, much like I did with Katyusha. To remain consistent with the ‘bogged together’ feel, I thought it best to keep the left and right side of the torso (and extra rocket pods on the shoulders) asymmetrical.

I gave it an ‘armored loin cloth’ like the one on Magnus’s model, just to add different bits from the original… The last detail that needed some work was the right hand side shoulder, since that detail gives the most maritime vibe. Looking at the Mangler’s shoulder pads I realized that, if I added some extra layers of armor plates and removed the chain (to break up the ‘ship prow’ silhouette), it would cancel out any naval visual reference on the model, making it really look like Magnus’ best buddy.


Requiem of punishment (aka the Organ of Menoth):

My brother and I are not big fans of the Menoth jack esthetic in general, so we both had a few issues with some of the details on the Judicator. Depending on how the pieces of the model assemble, this might be one of the conversions that involve the most work (to saw off pieces of the model and scratch building new parts…).

Let start with the ‘Tit flamers’: their original location is a bit silly. They are tied to the Left/Right weapon systems just like the fists, so might as well move them on the models forearms and convert them to look like the Castigator’s fists (if you plan on fielding it bonded to Feora 2 it would make even more sense to add fire on the fists). To cover up the original flamer’s sockets in the models chest we could add some ‘drapes/standards’ or ornate shields. If you go along with the ‘drapes’ detail, you could also add some tunic-like ‘loin cloth’, to fill out the models’ silhouette. Anyway, to further the Castigator look we also added triple fuel tubes connecting the flaming forearms with the back of the model.

Finally I got around to the Judicator’s main guns. The original reminds me of a cathedral with two submarines/ships inexplicably stuck on its roof (which in turns reminds me of the latest remake of the 3 musketeers’ movie…). Thinking about alternatives I remembered a fairly old tank from Warhammer 40k Sisters of battle/Witch hunters’ codex: the Exorcist. It is basically their version of a Whirlwind tank, but instead of rocket pods it has an Organ firing off missiles in the air like a mortar, which would fit in very well with the ‘cathedral’ look of the Menoth colossal (not sure how difficult it would be to get that bit online, since I think GW doesn’t produce any Sisters models at the moment).


Dilandau (aka Giga Guymelef):

As it might be apparent from my references, I do watch a lot of movies and anime of all sorts, so it should not come as a surprise that I based the entire concept of the Retribution’s colossal on a high fantasy mecha anime from the 90’s. The anime in question is ‘The vision of Escaflowne’ and what sparked the association is the similarity in looks between the Myrmidons in general and the Guymelefs (the big piloted robots of the series) from the Zaibach empire…

Anyway, I started by removing the big discs from the Hyperion’s shoulder pads (they are absurdly huge even without those sticking up) and adding a huge cloak to the model (the back of this model isn’t particularly exciting anyway). As for the execution of this detail, I would probably use a 0.75-1.0 mm thick sheet of plasti card, heated and bent into waving cloth shape over a candle flame. I would then drill that up and cut in places (to show some more realistic wear and tear) and add some details with green stuff. For transport practicality I would probably magnetize this bit to the shoulder pads.

Next I would change the fists’ blades with something more akin to swords (kinda like Deathpool from the movie Wolverine – horrible movie by the way) and attach some ammo belts or power tubes to the forearms, to indicate that the gems on its forearms are actually his secondary guns (I was thinking that you could paint those gems with an orange glow, while all other gems on the model are green/blue to accent the different function). Finally I had to change the head a bit and opted to go with an insect like theme (horn beetles to be accurate), because I don’t really like the original shape.


That should sum up all the conversion ideas regarding huge warjacks, I got so far; hope they help out those that want to convert their big toys… In the last article of this series I will round up my concepts for Gargantuans, which to be honest are more like re-sculpts/scratch builds involving a lot of green stuff… Anyway, as usual if you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below. Cheers!

Author: Baffo

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