Atlanta tourney, 75 point 2 caster.

So Atlanta had been in something of a tournament drought lately. I organized and ran a 75 point two caster tourney today.

I’m sort of depressed that I have to miss the WMW 2 caster tourney, as I am going to try and qualify in the simultaneous qualifer. So I figured this tourney would be a good chance to get some 75 in.

One thing about Atlanta is that we love our big games. Last year at WMWeekend 75 pointer we went 1st, second and fourth. Almost every month we are throwing down 150 point 3 caster games. Bigger the better.

Moob and I once played a 400 point 8 caster game (Legion vs. Circle). He won. (sad face). Great game though.

Anyway, we had 6 show up.

Me (Cryx), Mortenebra/Venethrax, Terminus/Scaverous
Skorne, eMorghoul/pMakeda, eHexeris/Moordikaar
Cryx, eGaspy/pDenny, eDenny/pSkarre
Mercs, MACBAIN/Gorton, Ashlynn/Damiano
Ravyn, Rahn/Garryth, Ravyn/pVyros
Trolls, Jarl/eMadrak, pDoomshaper/pGrissel

I’m going to give a brief description of the other 2 games, then a bat rep on my game for each round.

Round 1: Incursion

On a table to my right, the other Cryx player takes on Skorne. Cryx looks to be about to run right over the outmatched hordes list. But the threat range on Savagery/Press forward/push/Sprint + eMorghoul catches him off guard and two 2 assassination of Denny swings the game. eMorghoul assassinates both Cryx casters in this game.

On the last table Trolls and Ret are tangling, but the Retribution player makes a big mistake by not moving far enough forward to contest the points. He is doing all right on attrition, but down 2 points he has to send in his caster and desperately try and clog things up. Mulg & Earthborne are able to shove the zones clear for the final point.

I am up against Mercs, so I take my Infantry clearing list. He takes Ashlynn/Damiano

I have:

Wraith Engine
Wraith Engine
Max Gorgers
Min Bile Thralls
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith

He has (details have slipped away. Not sure about battlegroups and marhsalling):

Gunmages + UA
Steelhead halberdiers (max)
Steelhead Cav (max)
Steelhead Rifles
Gun dwarfs (max + UA)

Cryx 1: I get first turn, and run everything forward.

Mercs 1: He takes his turn, and runs towards me as well. He’d like to stay further out, but incursion mandates he come forward pretty briskly.

On his left are the Steelheads, Halberdiers in front, Cav + Stannis in back
On his right are the gun dwarfs in front, gunmages in back, clustered around a sure foot marshalled mule
In the center he’s got his steelhead rifleman leading his jacks + casters.

Center flag dissipates. Very abd for him, as that is pretty much teh only one he could really get on.

Cryx 2:

On the left I run the Wraith engine (incorporeal) into his steelheads.
On the right I run the Wraith engine (incorporeal) into his gun dwarfs
In the center I pop Venethrax’s feat and head forward. Shooting from the kraken, Leviathan and pistol wraiths forms a bunch of clouds across his front line. Slaughterborn manages a charge, kills one rifleman, but they break from terror.

Mercs 2:

He is badly jammed in a way that his list can’t really handle. Incorporeal models are pushing him off the left and right flags, while fire clouds are clogging the center. My casters are hiding behind gorgers (and if the gorgers are killed they will become clouds and keep blocking LOS).

On the right he basically stalls out for a turn. Gun mages shoot into Nightmare and the Wraith engine and do some damage, but no systems out on the jack and the engine doesn’t die.

On the left he wide flanks the cav around, and uses the halfberdiers to block one of their #’s LOS from the engine so it can run down and contest the flag.

Cryx 3:

I see a shot here. Mortenebra can get her assassination run off. I do the usual stuff and I’m able to get the Nightmare on Ashlynn with Terminal Velocity and Mortenebra’s feat up, which kills her. On the left flank the wraith engine and Leviathan do tremendous damage with the aid of Mortenebra’s feat..

I end up getting one point this turn, then 2 on my next, but the remainder of the game is pretty much mop up with Ashlynn dead.

Round 2: Restoration

The Cryx player who was defeated takes on the Merc player I just played. The cryx player has an overpowering advantage by game’s end, but ultimately deadthclocks himself bouncing banes off of full camp McBain in the zone.

The Skorne player is the pair-down, and he takes on the Retribution. Ultimately the Retribution player makes a mistake by committing his Hyperion (proxy) early. The skorne player is able to capitalize by super-attriting with black spot/eHexy shenanigans, and the game goes his way.

I was up against a troll list. I took Terminus/Scaverous.

My list looked something like:

Max Croe’s Cutthroats
Max Revenant Crew
Min Blackbane’s
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch siren
Darragh Wrathe
Withershadow Combine
Maddy Corbeau

He had approximately (once again, not clear on battlegroups)
Pyre troll
Max Fennblades+UA
Max Kriel Warriors + UA + 3 clubbers
Kriel stone unit + UA
Fell Caller

Cryx 1:

We run forward, unsurprisingly. Death ward on DJ.

Trolls 1: He runs south, not so fast, threat range dancing. Mulg is in range to TK and slaughter with DJ, but he puts up Banishing Ward.

He has Kriels no the left, blades on the right, battlegroup in the middle. I’ve got all of my units on left, DJ on the right, nothing much in the middle. Basically a refused flank maneuver (great vs. trolls, since your small bases concentrate much better than their large bases)

Cryx 2:

I put icy grip on his kriel warriors, shoot em a bit with Krakan/Croe’s. Then jam em with Rev pirates. He toughs 5/7, don’t kill much.

Trolls 2:

He purifies (grr!) my upkeeps off, puts fire fists on 2 fenn blades and feats with Doomshaper. D’oh!. With their mini-feat he is able to get 6 fennblades on the DJ, whose armor buff is gone. 2 of htem have flaming fists. They leave it alive, but sans its movement, and the Bomber finishes it off.

Cryx 3: Ok, I need a good turn this round, but its Doomshaper’s feat turn. I think I can get Terminus on Doomshaper ( my out of activation movement potential is preposterous), but with the feat I’m not confident of killing him and keeping Terminus’s camp + HP high enough.

So Terminus charges and kills a Troll hero, feats. Scavs TK’s his Earthborn wrong way round, hits it with feast of worms, Croe’s shoot it down. Warwitches spray down the Fennblades, pirates kill kriel warriors. Ultimately Terminus ends up with 6 souls, in Beyond Death.

Trolls 3: He goes for Terminus. Grissel feats and hits him with Calamity. Bomber kills Darragh Wrathe (???). Mulg gets fists of flame and comes for Terminus. Some caber guy KD’s terminus also. So mulg is ultimately at dice minus 6 (19+1 for stone, 2 for animus 2 for calamity, with living death eliminated by Bomber’s killing of Darragh). Mulg has an extra attack for cantankerous and another for Grissel’s feat. He leaves Terminus at 7 HP.

Cryx 4: Scavs feats, we kill Mulg and the Axer with guns, Terminus backs up and Kraken gets the armor buff and comes forward. He concedes, as the pirates have devoured his kriel warriors and are now fighting his stones, while all of his fighting beasts are dead and a collossal is bearing down on him.

Round 3: A flag too far

In the last round the other Cryx player takes on the Retribution. Slobberknocker of a game, but ultimately Vyros’s camp requires gaspy’s personal charge to break, whereupon Ravyn counter-killed him, and Denny failed the final counter-kill, leaving her to be killed by Ravyn.

Trolls and Mercs fought a tough battle. Trolls were sort of winning on attrition, but running out of time, so ultimately eMadrak charged and tide of blood’d his way to both casters, and killed them both. He had 10 seconds left on his clock at game’s end.

My last round was vs. the Skorne player. He went with eHexeris/Moordikaar I stuck with Terminus/Scavverous

He had, roughly:

Molik Karn
Swordsmen + UA
Venators + UA

His reinforcements were:
Max Gators
Extoler Soulward
Void Spirit

My reinforcements are:

Min Soulhunters
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Ogryn Bokur

Cryx 1:

I get the first turn, move up. Armor buff on DJ. Big mistake of this round is that Terminus gets too close to croe’s, and they break.

Skorne 1:

He troops on down, anti-shooting formation.

Cryx 2:

I forget to bring on my reinforcements. I use my broken Croe’s to sort of screen off his reinformcements, do some shooting with rev crew/kraken and kill some hollow praetorians.

Skorne 2:

He moves down very forcefully, killing lots of guys (charging, essence blasting, the usual stuff), and Moordikaar feats on the board. Trouble.

Cryx 3:

I’m losing now, but I come back strong with intrigue+TK+Death Ride + Push to move Admonia into position to take off hollow and Banishing Ward. Thus, Terminus can feat and Scavs TK’s the Centrati. I get a good feat turn, and end up well up the field with Terminus at a fairly unkillable armor. I bring my reinforcements on and start gumming up his side.

Skorne 3:

He slams Terminus with Glaiator, then tries to throw him with Archidon. It doesn’t get the crit, so he is forced to leave Terminus too far upfield, in range of eHexeris. Attrition is more even now, as the models which matter are in the middle, but he is winning on the flank with his reinforcements, while we are mutually destructing in the right flank.

Cryx 4:
I make the mistake of hte game when I shake KD with Terminus, but don’t clear the DK markder. So I think that I haven’t shaken KD, and Terminus has to retreat. Kraken and DJ do some damage, but the Agonizer has them in the no-allocate field so they are both only minimally effective. I death chill Tiberion, which is cool.

Skorne 4:

He has to bring up MK to do it, but he kills the heck out of DJ, Tiberion wanders to a cover position, he pushes hard in on me.

Cryx 5: Ugh, I lost the game with my Terminus mistake, then lost my comeback chance by not killing that stupid agonizer last round. I finish the game out by killing the Agonizer and MK. I take a scenario point with a Bokur, just on the off chance he disregards it in his assassination turn.

Skorne 5: Tiberion pastes Terminus and he remembers the scenario, so I concede.

It has been a long time since I used my Cryx. Kraken is a massive amount of fun. The gentleman who won this tourney is the commentator in our forthcoming Skorne podcast.

Author: Walter

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