Announcing Muse On Weekends

Hello again everyone. We’re still hard at work improving the Muse site as a resource, and I’ve got an announcement today as part of that.

Our aim is to have an article each weekday dealing with a Warmachine & Hordes topic. Making this schedule needs two types of authors. Of course we need the lynchpin authors who will produce something every week for a specific slot. But we also need the more casual author who can produce something maybe once a month. That way the site’s voice stays fresh and varied, and burnout is kept to a minimum.

I think the same can be said for Warmachine & Hordes players, and for you readers. We spend a lot of time thinking, reading, listening and writing about this game. There’s a risk of overdoing it and ending it with no more energy to devote to the game. A change is as good as a rest, and if you have a variety of nerdy interests like I do, it helps to take a break from Warmachine & Hordes sometimes.

To enable this, we’re going to run Muse On Weekends. We’ll be running articles at the weekends which won’t be about Warmachine & Hordes. They’ll be about other wargames, or other types of games like card games, board games or roleplaying games. They’ll be about books, or films, or music to do nerds things by. We’re not going to have heavy content up here, it’s going to stick with the recreational theme. We’ve got some great authors lined up who will be familiar to you from their role in the Warmachine & Hordes community, as well as some who will be entirely new.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Peace out,


Author: WordLord

In life, he was known as Siskey, an affable Irish pedant. Now, revived by a mad Illinoisan sorcerer in a clockwork necromanticon, he is the WORDLORD, scourge of typographical error and stylistic malfeasance alike. He is the Head Editor and Scheduler for Muse on Minis, and can be found in a pile of digital copy.

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