And Now For Something Completely Different: Help me make my IKRPG Character

The Blue Baron here today to ask for you help making my IKRPG Character! I’ve found myself paralyzed by all the options and have been spinning in circles since the book has been released. Won’t you please help a poor soul with crippling Ohh Shiny syndrome?

Some details to get us started. I asked what the direction of the campaign would be. My DM shrugged and said it is a sandbox but that we start out as mercs employed by Cygnar.  Also another gamer put together a Fell-Caller so that’s out.

So they way it goes in my head I’ve been able to rule out some specific classes. First out is the Iron Fang, since its Khadoran in origin and I’d have a hard time being employed by the Crown. The DM also has concerns about Warcasters so I’m cutting that out of the choices just to be safe.Same thing with warjacks at this point so the Mechanic is out.  Also since we’re mercs, I can’t see the Stormblade class being all that viable.

Enough of what we can’t do and on to what we can!

Races: I’m open to basically anything that isn’t a filthy Khadoran.

Archtype will be kinda dependent on my career and race so I can’t really pick this out until later on.

Classes: I’ll list them up with some thoughts about what I’ve thought about them. oh, and they’ll be in alphabetical order, because I’m basically flipping through the book.

Alchemist: An Iconic IK character type. I have fun ideas of running an alchemist cutthroat. He drops smoke bombs for cover as he comes in and knifes the enemy. This seems like a good sort of support type class to help with healing so I think this might be needed by one of us.

Arcane Mechanik: Another fun class that can help support everybody’s need for cool stuff. The issue here is that they do a lot for warjacks with spells and since we won’t have on for a while I worry that I’ll have a lot unused.

Arcanist: Can’t go wrong with magic. I could see having fun with that.

Aristocrat: I have a hard time imagining him fitting in mercs and the like but if Ragman can do it, it’s a viable option.

Bounty Hunter: I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this class, but my main worry is how useful the specialization will be in non-lethality will be since I know one of the guys what a Khornite in another life.

Cutthroat: Another one I’ve spent some time looking at. Sneaky stabby sounds fun but if i don’t want 2 handed fighting some of his skills go bye bye.

Duelist: Looks cool but I’ll admit I haven’t read too much on it.

Explorer: I like the breadth of the explorer but i don’t know if I’d be doing too much “exploring” as our job will be going places and doing things people already have been.

Gun mage: Heck yeah, the only issue with this is the GM really want to run one and I don’t want to ruin his fun by making one.

Highwayman: I like the look of this class and it feels very merc-y but I worry about the horse and mounted skills since I’ll be the only one with a horse to start.

Investigator: I have trouble seeing where he would fit in, but I like the skills and boosted PER rolls.

Knight: I think this is a bitchin class but worry about a knight doing mercenary work.

Mage Hunter: like it, not sure what I’d do with it or how it would fit in.

Man-at-arms: Nice tanky option that I’m sure will see some use.

Military officer: Another good merc option that adds variety of skills.

Pirate: Maybe? but I think it’s all land based.

Pistoleer: Another really cool class that could work.

Priest: I can’t see that class really doing the mercenary lifestyle. Menoth would be ticked off , and Morrow would be a sad panda.

Ranger: This would be a pretty fun career to run.

Rifleman: Again a nice one that could work.

Soldier: See above.

Sorcerer: I think it would be fun but if you suggest this, you are required by law to give me an element to go with it: earth, fire, wind, water, heart.

Spy: Great skills but not sure it will fit the job.

Thief: I like the class, but I don’t want to get yelled at like John did.

Trencher: I could see an ex-trencher going into the merc field. My dream character here is an Ogrun trencher with a battle cannon with a big ass bayonet attached.

Those are the options. I find myself getting really into one career and then having trouble putting in a second. I want them both to fit together but then if they overlap too much I worry that I’m wasting opportunity. I really like being able to pick two careers but it seems to just make things difficult for me.

So really, just let me know what you think a badass character would be for me to play. I have to talk to John and / or Carl to see if I can make this contest-y. I came across some board games from Gen-Con that I don’t want.



  1. Harliquine Reply

    You should consider what type of character you are comfortable playing. It’s a new rules system for you so don’t branch out into something that you a not comfortable with.
    From the sound of things you already have a combat support passive buff character in the group with ties to the trollkin.
    So your choices are:
    A face- a leadership style character with emphasis on social skills and making contacts to draw resources from. If you choose this you should be comfortable with the concept of leading the party. Aristocrats, military officers, spies and investigators are good faces.
    Tank- there is no tank in the party to draw fire and provide a constant source of melee damage. Soldiers, man at arms, knight. You’ll need things like a reach weapon and abilities to stay with the enemy and harass them with mere combat while also having the hit points and damage reduction to take a beating.
    Striker a High damage out out character with a secondary sphere of objective completion. Empassis on speed and stealth to get to cover and provide the excuse for the party to disengage and take the encounter on their terms. Ranger, duelist, thief, sorcerer, trencher, etc. are all good choices here.
    Support- as discussed you already have one of these in the group. However you still have no healer and a priest or achlemist would do well here. If you really want to be sly set yourself up as a Druid.

    Here is my suggestion though if you are looking for a challenge. Thamarite face or support character. Discuss with your game master a set of alternate objectives that you would like to complete in the name of Thamar. Make offerings, celebrate her holy days, and perhaps other things depending on how dark your campaign is. See if the game master will reward you for completing your objectives. All this can be written in easily as merc units tend to move around quite a bit. Would the part ever find out they may be shocked to find they cannot fault you for finding continual employment and/or support when it’s time to save them.

  2. TheButchersHound Reply

    I love inventing characters.I have found the easiest way to come up with a character for me is to find one Career I like and then try to build a backstory. Where could the character be from? What are his motivations to go adventuring? and so forth. Normally the rest clicks into place then.
    Also reading fluff tends to give me a wealth of ideas.
    I would offer to send you characters I made up, but the ones I created til now have been mostly Khador-based since I am a huge Khador fanboy. :)

  3. Baffo Reply

    I’m sure the ‘Heart element’ sorcerer is a joke, but it did vaguely remind me of a charming character (as in most of his stats and skill were focused on combat and seduction/flirting) I played in a past campaign. I’m not sure if the Sorcerer career has any mind control/illusion skills/feats, but if it does I would suggest a charming Sorcerer (or any other career that can do that) combined with the Cutthorat or Duellist careers for combat.
    If you’re familiar with the manga/anime One piece, Boa Hankock would be a nice visual reference: an famme fatal that uses sex appeal, illusions and charms to infiltrate ‘enemy defenses’ to strike at her target.
    In case you’d prefer a male character, think more like a Don Juan like character, that can uses his charms on female NPCs to gain favors or get out of sticky situations (obviously depends on what the GM wants to do with the campaign, but if he’s up to it, it provides ample opportunities for to drive forward the plot and think up twists…).

  4. The Blue Baron Reply

    So I’ve spent some time talking to the DM. He reall wants me to try being the face. I weas talking to him about some of your suggestions and he ran away with the idea. Since i’m usually a tank type character he is looking forward to me breaking out of my shell. He suggested a aristocratic duelist. So that’s my starting point. I’m, thinking of taking the deposed minor Llaelese noble approach. The guy was Morrowan but after all that’s happen with Khador’s invasion he’s seen that the helping others to help yourself got him nowhere. So I’m having him forsake Morrow and take up Thamar. He is looking at the purely selfish pursuit of regaining his former lifestyle and to heck with anyone who gets in his way!
    What do you guys think?

    • Dan from Chicago Reply

      that seems like fun :)

  5. Harliquine Reply

    Awesome I’m glad you like it. The older IKRPG books are available I believe for free. Five Fingers Port of Deciet has a lot of good advice in the rituals and organization of Thamar and how those characters should go about furthering their goals.

    Keep us posted on what you manage to talk the party into or what acts of depravity the character stoops low enough for.

  6. Dan from Chicago Reply

    I’m playing an Aristocrat/Investigator in a mercenary campaign. The backstory is that he’s in Lael to gather information for the Ordic Crown, but to everybody he’s just another adventurer slumming for kicks.

  7. Mike Reply

    Play as a Military Officer Stormblade- He was around during the time of Vinter IV, and went the route of Magnus when the civil war broke out, and now that his cause is ‘lost’ he puts his expertise to work in the mercenary company.

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