An Inconvenient Truth – Khador Edition

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I have been giving this lecture for a little while now and the people who know me would have heard this one before, especially any of the new guys who are just getting into the game. While I talk about Khador specifically the point of the article isn’t Khador specific but they are the faction closest to my heart.

A new era of Warmahordes is upon us. With this new world there come the complaints from the community at large. While this cross-section may not be the largest they are certainly the loudest. I am hearing a lot of hate in my meta and if you look at the forums it appears to be a worldwide thing that Khador are getting hit hardest by the nerf hammer over the past few books. All I am asking is don’t be a “me too” player (thanks OrsusSmash for the expression) and follow this trend of unsubstantiated faction hate.


Infantry spam has been the way of the Khador for a very long time and we are very good at it one of the best in the game. While I don’t want to toot Khador’s horn too much, it is our high defence that bent the meta to begin with and now it is straightening itself. The people who are being left behind are those who thought they could ride on the high defence forever and auto-win. The meta shifted and they did not.

The worst part about all of these anti-Khador rants is high defence is still awesome. It is still meta bending and people will still have to take a counter. Khador is known for being the slow dumb brick faction. I don’t like this thinking personally. We have awesome infantry (no one is denying that) and our casters cannot run multiple jacks too well. While there are exceptions to this rule they are not common and not powerful enough to justify the slow brick status.

The thing about Khador is not just about the slow armour 20 guys it is about the slow armour 20 guys and the fast annoying infantry. Nyss and Kayazy under iron flesh is still one of the most feared things in the game. WGI will still spray and hose down infantry or CRA something big. Iron Fangs are so underused and underutilised it isn’t funny (It is sad because up until recently I was neglecting them too). Khador loves being about Combined arms, many parts working towards the whole.


Then look at our jacks. Spriggan is arm 21 naturally and has a decent spear, Devastators have bulldoze and are an unprecedented ARM 25 and Behemoth can shoot hard and has 2 armour piercing fists. Juggernaught is in an interesting conundrum but I will go into that in a later post. Actually everything on that chassis has its place but not in every list but damn can they put out the damage or completely disrupt an opponent’s plan. People use a Khador heavy as a bench mark for killing for a reason, our arm is high and you really don’t want to leave one alive and give them a chance to retaliate.

This goes double for Conquest. I have been playing him a lot recently and he has really stepped up to the plate.


The most recent complaint that has been directed my way has been that our casters don’t stack up. To which I say read and reread your cards again. Our casters are amazing. We have point and click casters like Butcher 1 and Vlad 1, we also have some interesting tricky casters like Irusk 2 and Old Witch. All 4 of the ones mentioned there are very competitive.

I really can’t think of a single person who likes to see any of those casters across the table. If you want a Skew list we have one of the most fun tiers in the game (Butcher 2 Doom reaver spam) and we have Karchev and Harkavich for jack heavy lists. I am actually happy to see they are showing up more in tournament play and doing quite well. The thing about Khador is we have a great selection of casters and most of them can be used in a competitive environment without worry.


The main reason for the article is getting new Khador players to try new things. I have had new players tell me that they won’t bother with doom reavers because they “just die too easily”, Won’t try the rifle corps because WGI are better, won’t play with Shocktroopers because they “are just too slow”, or the worst I have some across won’t try eIrusk (despite loving the model) because “Irusk 1 is so much better, everyone on the forums say so”

Finally. I am not saying everything is roses. I am not saying everything we have is awesome and massively competitive. We hit like a truck and can whether the consequences. What I am saying however is as a faction we are still one of the best out there so get out there and try out everything for yourself. I have been and it has been awesome. Stop scaring the new players.

So go out there, play as many games as you can. I personally try out lots of stuff over and over again until I know if I like it. Push your models to the limit and try things with them you didn’t try last time, sometimes they will surprise you. When you try different things you may be surprised at what the wider Khador have to offer. Take off the shackles of forum talk and play your game.

I have been trying everything in Khador for a long time. I like to see how things tick. Hopefully over the course of the coming weeks I can put forward more info about the current state of Khador and some of the options we have on offer and try to get across why the sky isn’t falling. I will be play testing everything and giving my assessment. It really isn’t all bad

This goes for your faction too.

Author: Tossy

I have been playing wargames since I was 16. Once I discovered Warmachine and Hordes I have been all over it ever since, dropping all of my other games. I love my Khador and almost any other army you put in front of me. I hope over time I can build up a decent faction guide, if you have any questions you want answered let me know.

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