About Us


Greetings and Salutations !!!  Welcome to Muse on Minis.  My name is John and I post online under the moniker of Phatasian.  I love miniature games and have been playing them for over almost 25 years now.   I wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to the site and lay out a road map for what is to come.  This site will start with a focus on Warmachine and Hordes and eventually will cover all things to do with Toy Soldiers.  I’m excited to tell you that we already have a bunch of writers who are eager to share their passion with you.  We will have articles from well known players who want to tell you about Tactics and Strategy.  Others are planning on blowing you away with custom conversions.  We have a series of articles for new players to help them get through the tough learning curve of Warmachine and Hordes.  We will also have convention reports and fresh perspectives.


Our goal is to have fresh ideas and content posted daily for you.  We may not make those goals but we are sure going to try.  We are also launching a fresh new podcast that will have a set release schedule of the 7th and 22nd of each month.  Video is COMING SOON.  There will be video battle reports and model reviews with product closeups.  I’m also pleased to announce that we are offering a webstore for people to sell their wares.  There already is some really cool stuff there.  Make sure to check it out.


If you are passionate about something in this hobby and feel compelled to get your muse on.  Let us know.  We would love to have you join our ranks.  Just hit us up on the CONTACT US link and let us know what you want to do !!  We are also not only a Warmachine and Hordes site.  Feel free to add information about other miniature games.


I am off to get my muse on ……….


Peace !!!!