Arcane Assist Episode 1

Arcane Assist, our second episode (and first posted on the official “every second Friday” schedule).  Matt and Tim field a variety of fantastic listener questions.  Warning: this episode contains considerably less sobriety than the previous one.

0:04:35 Q&A Start
(Lengthy questions)

0:07:14 How to avoid faction ADD
0:18:24 Podcast mission statement
0:30:00 How do you get involved in a new gaming community?
0:37:05 How do you deal with Haley2?
0:54:22 Is cheating black and white, or are there grey areas?
1:12:10 Commonly misplayed rules
1:20:12 IKRPG podcasting

Contact Info:
Email –
Matt on Twitter – @MrGoldenDeal1
Tim on Twitter – @Tenchanter


Author: Tim the Enchanter

Tim is a Privateer Press Judge, Press Ganger, and co-host of Arcane Assist. He plays all the factions in Warmachine & Hordes, and has become infamous for his proliferation of Canadian Maple Whiskey.

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