Arcane Assist Episode 10

It’s our eleventh episode, and here’s warning that the topic is a bit heavy.  We spend some time talking about tiebreakers in swiss paired steamroller events.  This is a topic we get asked about a lot, and everyone has a favourite answer.  We go over several of them, including some hybrid solutions, and discuss what works about them, what doesn’t, and why the puzzle of second place has plagued EOs and players alike.

More than any of our previous episodes, we’d really love feedback on this.  Let us know how you feel about this style of episode, the level of analysis, and, of course, our opinions on the topic!

0:00:23 – Opening
0:04:05 – Control Point Scoring
0:17:26 – Army Points Scoring
0:27:27 – ELO
0:38:51 – Cumulative Strength of Schedule
0:49:42 – Strength of Schedule
0:54:00 – Large Event Scoring

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Author: Tim the Enchanter

Tim is a Privateer Press Judge, Press Ganger, and co-host of Arcane Assist. He plays all the factions in Warmachine & Hordes, and has become infamous for his proliferation of Canadian Maple Whiskey.

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