A Road to War — Episode 1

MoM proudly presents the Texas Renegades in their very own podcast.


Road to War Episode 1 – Show Notes


0:00  Introductions
and Team tournament discussion

16″30  Flanks for
the Memories Discussion

22:50  Colossals and
other PP Announcements from Templecon

35:30  Masters

56:00 Upcoming Tournaments

58:30  What We’re Working


If you have any topics you would like to be discussed or
questions for us, please e-mail them to aroadtowar@gmail.com.  Thanks for listening!


Author: Mike Malarowski

Mike is a experienced Warmachine and Hordes player from the NYC area. Started playing Skorne in late 2009 with the MK2 roll-out and switched to Cryx in April 2011, which is the faction currently in progress. Favorite casters are Lord Arbiter Hexeris, Master Tormentor Morghoul, and Iron Lich Asphyxious.

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