4 Man Meta – S2 – Episode 1

Hello and Welcome Back to 4 Man Meta,

    Here it is!  The first episode of our second season.  Listen to us take a journey through the fifth ADR from Privateer Press. We give our thoughts and battle reports over a 10 episode long tournament using the Champions format.

    In this Episode we review the casters on the current ADR, reveal our first trip planned for 2017, and launch our Patreon.


4 Man Meta


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Author: Jeremy Rand

Perfect Imbalance is Tim Baer and myself, Jeremy Rand. We are a couple guys from the Willamette valley in Oregon who wanted our meta represented on the Warmachine and Hordes podcast scene. Perfect imbalance is the fruits of that labor. We cover all the usual topics and add our own special stuff to the mix.

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