4 Man Meta: Episode 1

4 Man Meta is a Warmachine and Hordes podcast that focuses on Champions and the Active Duty Roster. Episode 1 is a open discussion of the Season 4 ADR and its role in Master’s and Champions’ formats.

4 Man Meta will release Episodes every other week on Mondays.
We currently have a backlog of episodes and will release once a week until we are caught up to our planned release schedule.

We are still refining the process and you comments are appreciated, email us at:

Visit our Website at: http://4manmeta.com
Or facebook at :https://www.facebook.com/4manmeta



Author: Jeremy Rand

Perfect Imbalance is Tim Baer and myself, Jeremy Rand. We are a couple guys from the Willamette valley in Oregon who wanted our meta represented on the Warmachine and Hordes podcast scene. Perfect imbalance is the fruits of that labor. We cover all the usual topics and add our own special stuff to the mix.

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