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Im back

It’s been a long time between articles from me, something I would apologize for, but I owe you nothing. Well at least I didn’t….until now.

Because a few weeks ago I found out that I’d been selected for the WTC team 2. No big deal….except that in my application (since I didnt really think there was much chance of success) I kind8 of promised to do a few things:

1. I offered to writeup a series of articles in the lead-up to the WTC
2. I offered to attempt some battle reports both in the lead-up and the follow-up to WTC
3. I offered to attempt to report with articles from the event itself (I’m completely unsure on how I’m going to do this, so if anyone has suggestions….I’m interested)

In fact to be specific I’m pretty sure I offered to write one article every week….which was madness from the start… but I’m going to give it a shot1

A quick note: I make a LOT of use of footnotes (seppos). If you are interested in reading them, it’s been suggested that the easiest way is to open a second tab of the article and scroll that tab down to the bottom of page. Then you can just alternate between them. Please do so, since I use them with no regard for logic or numerical ordering.

To those of you who have previously stated a dislike for my use of footnotes, you’re objections have been…..


…duly noted4

My surprise selection also caused a change for me immediately in my focus, which forms the basis of the first series of articles I’m currently working on.

Since Warmachine Weekend, I had been focussing on playing Cryx to try and find my “second list” to pair with eMorvhana in the Iron Gauntlet format with the hope that I would qualify for the Final at Lock and Load.
Given that WTC does NOT use the Iron Gauntlet format, my priority was shifted, to specifically playing Circle. Which returns me to my ongoing dillemma with Circle – Finding a second list
My eMorvhana list is built specifically to play against Legion and while it also plays pretty well against a wide variety of options, it has a couple of specific areas which I’d like my second list to cover:
1. Heavy Armour
2. Cryx
3. Ranged Assassination based opponents

I’ve spent a long time (since eMorvhana’s release essentially) working on this problem and there are a variety of potential solutions, from which I’ve not yet found the one I like.
Kromac is the obvious answer, since he can comfortably run three heavies, which is a pretty decent answer to heavy armour and he certainly answers Cryx. He’s shaky on the ranged assassination problem, but it’s workable and that is the lower of the three priorities.
The primary issues here are that:
A) I’m a unique snowflake5
B) I wasn’t enjoying playing Kromac
C) I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from Kromac

The casters I’ve been considering3 as options are:

Krueger, the storm wrath2

Krueger the Stormwrath

1) Is Bald
2) Can run three or four heavies for anti-armour
3) Doesnt give a damn about Cryx (conventional builds at least)
4) Skyborne makes him very difficult to shoot to death

1) Heavily used in Europe – They are probably better at beating him than most of my local opposition
2) Doesnt like infantry with ARM above about 17. Once the infantry hit 18-20 the game starts to slide away from him a little
3) Does not have beard 6

Baldur, the Stonecleaver

Baldur the bald
1) Is bald, has beard
2) Runs druids well, runs nyss with a witch doctor well
3) Can build for anti-armour
4) Can build to be very difficult to kill from range
5) Tier list is good and comes with sentry stones 11

1) Conceals his baldness instead of owning it
2) Not sure he can be built to “answer” the cryx matchup20
3) Is not a massive fan of purification. At all. If purification were to hold a concert he would most definately not attend. Or at the very least he’d wear some ironic t-shirt to really annoy the other patrons.15

Morvhana the Autumnblade

Morvhana the autumnblade

1) Bog trog shamblers have been released and are awesome. pMorvhana with Shamblers plus bloodtrackers seems like one of the strongest core lists in the game.
2) She can build for the Cryx match, though again it may require druids to stop monster purges
3) Resilient against shooting thanks to sac. pawn
4) Not many people play her

1) While she can build for anti-armour she’s not going to be in as strong a position as most, particularly if 19 points is spent in shamblers, trackers and witch doctor. The trackers can run double duty as anti-armour though.
2) If Baldur turns up to the Puri-party in a sarcastic T-shirt, this lady is going to turn up with molotov cocktails and a vial of smallpox.
3) No beard.

Kromac the Ravenous

Kromac the Ravenous

1) Has so much beard that he practically IS beard
2) The “standard” build is very strong against cryx, most variants I’ve tried are also very strong vs Cryx
3) He can run many heavies, three is about the limit, but they hit with more accuracy than any other circle caster, so they get around some of the annoying enemy armour bricks like earthborn’s behind walls.
4) Bestial is a fantastic spell for a whole range of reasons

1) He may have an area on his body bereft of hair, but if so it is difficult to see with the naked eye.
2) I dont enjoy playing him as much as I wish I did
3) Everyone has played against “the” list. Every good player has some sort of plan for that matchup.
4) In my brief soujourn with Cryx I confirmed to myself that there are several cryx options that Kromac really doesn’t like to see and I expect Cryx players to start playing those a lot.

Cassius the Oathkeeper

Cassius the Oathkeeper

1) Well known as a good anti-cryx drop
2) Curse of shadows for armour
3) He’s a meat puppet to a tree and therefore cannot be held accountable for his physical appearance
4) Can run very unusual lists if you wish, most things work for him
5) Has strong assassination runs with hellmouth

1) He’s not that happy about ranged assassins and is fairly seriously unhappy if they can also see through stealth
2) Wants to run a decent amount of living infantry to give himself souls. That’s a problem in the cryx matchup on occasion.

Mohsar the Desertwalker

Mohsar the desertwalker

1) Probably bald
2) Probably has a beard
3) Looks like the leader of the shrimp unit. Take two units with him and it’s like having three casters on the table, your opponent is playing the cup game
4) Has curse of shadows for armour
5) Has sprays that RFP for infantry
6) Has one of the most irritating spells in the game18
7) Has eyeless sight, despite having eyes and no blindfold and/or helmet without eyeholes to justify it.

1) Dark horse for a reason – very hard to play, very easy to lose with
2) Doesnt love ranged assassins, is reliant on transfers
3) Has no feat against a large portion of the game19

Grayle the Farstrider

Grayle the farstrider

1) No-one expects the spanish inquisition 14
2) I enjoy playing him
3) Naturally resilient to ranged assassins
4) Answers clouds from lich, which gives a way to deal with bile thralls

1) It’s grayle, this list would be quite long.
2) Special mention: His feat is pretty much impossible to use well without burning about half your clock. If you play hardcore with him, my suggestion is that you dont feat. Ever.

Kaya the Moonhunter

Kaya the moonhunter sort of

1) A super dark horse simply because her historical record against Cryx makes Germany’s record against the rest of the world in wars look pretty darn successful.16
2) Recent addition of the rotterhorn griffon, razorwing griffon and moonhound may make a difference in this matchup and she certainly answers armour very well.
3) She’s also very solid against ranged assassins….that cant see through stealth.
4) Nobody likes playing her, and I do.

1) She wants to run all beasts, all the time. Cryx live13 for that
2) She does nothing for infantry. At all. Other than watch them die and occasionally kill them herself.
3) I have an unfortunate tendency to lose on scenario with her

End Article One

So, that’s the first article done. Because I’m committed to writing so many of these damn things, I’m going to try and keep them a little shorter and more colourful than I would naturally tend to do and I’m going to cut down on editing time which means that mistakes will make it through. Please forgive.

Please comment on either this page or in the forums and let me know if:
A) This format works for you
B) The content is interesting
C) There are too many or too few pictures/breaks
D) The information is too specific (or not specific enough)
E) You’d rather I stopped flooding you with self-indulgent useless articles that are of no direct interest to you, your kin, or indeed anyone that you can think of as meeting the criteria for “human being”

1. I mean I’m only about three behind so far by my count…
2. It really bugs me that they called him that. The storm’s wrath would make sense. the stormwraith would make sense (though he’d probably be incorporeal and such) I have no idea what a stormwrath would be.
3. As in I considered them, for a long time, got frustrated, played kromac, changed the kromac list, got frustrated, considered them again, got frustrated, found a format that meant I didnt NEED a second list from circle, went and played Cryx…and we’re back….they still appear to be the same.
4. Yeeeaaaahhhh10
5. Unlike players such as Will Pagani who are notorious for net-listing. I’ve never seen that guy bring a list to a tournament that I couldnt find a thousand copies of on the internet the very next day.
6. Every time I rate a caster I think
You’re welcome.
7. So…yeah, I never actually found a spot to use number 7, but I’d already made the ones after it and cant be bothered renumbering. 9
8. “kind of” in this case meaning “explicitly and repeatedly”
9. Self-fulfilling seppos are a victory of their own.
10. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to use that.
11. Sentry stones. They rock.
and again you are welcome.
12. Interestingly, “Ow, Ow” is a line in Das Rhinegold. Not a particularly good line, but quite amusing when sung.
13. Figuratively speaking
14. His chief (and some would say only) weapon is surprise. Surprise and disappointment. Two, two chief weapons are surprise, disappointment and…
15. A purification party doesnt sound like a lot of fun. Although harby kind of looks like a party gal. I’m not sure whether Lucant looks like he could get down, but I bet he could do a mean robot.
16. I guess given the global nature of the WTC I should probably stick to culturally friendly jokes….but instead I think I’m just going to try and spread the cultural insults around17
17. I’ve got a good joke to do with Irishmen and Gudrun the Wanderer coming up at some stage I’m sure. The french are probably going to get mentioned whenever my next unit fails a command check and I’m pretty sure I can throw an Australian joke in concerning theft or crime at some point.
18. Scratch that, has two of the most irritating spells in the game, it’s just that one of them is actually useful and the other one is only useful when your opponent brings 9 light warjacks.
19. Against the rest of the game he has a feat. That’s about all you can say for it.
20. At least, not with an answer other than “Ow, ow, stop hurting me”12


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I'm an Australian living in Houston, Texas, I started playing Warmachine/Hordes in March 2012 and I consider myself to be on a continuous learning curve that I'm not sure will ever end. I play for strategy and combinations, I am in no way a qualified hobbyist or painter though I admire those that are. No, I dont know Chunky, but the other five people that live in Australia tell me he's really swell.

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