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Happy new year everybody!!!

Sorry I disappeared, but real life, hobby burnout and laziness tend to put a damper on productivity from time to time… In the past months I had to cut back on my hobby time and managed to finish only a few commissions (converted another Judicator like the one I already wrote an article about and worked on some minor conversions on a Stormwall, that will appear in the next article) and slowly painted a few unmodified unis (Greylord outriders, Tactical arcanist corps and Winter guard rifle corps).

While I didn’t manage to convert anything new to write about, I got to put on paper a number of conversion ideas I may tackle in the future, when I get back into a more productive mood. Anyway for now I decided to share these concept sketches for a few units; hope you will find them useful/inspiring for your own projects:)


Iron fang Hammerers

01 Iron Fang Hammerer

In general I don’t like spears and pikes on models for a number of practical (bendy spears and transport problems) and esthetic reasons (personal taste), so I’ve never been a fan of regular IFP. Now with the Black dragon UA and the Iron fang Kovnik, I finally gave in and bought the unit to use in my lists, but I have even more issues with long bendy spears with huge blasting tips that make them look like elongated maces…

My solution is swapping the pikes for long ‘blasting hammers’, as they are still obvious reach weapons and it makes sense to have critical Knock down on blasting hammers. Now as to how one could ‘execute’ this conversion, I see 2 routs: the simpler method would be bits ordering 11x Horgenhold forge guard hammers (the unit leader holds his in 1 hand) and gluing/pinning them instead of the original hands or if you’re willing to put more work into it (or you can’t order bits from PP), you could scratch build the hammers and repose the hands with green stuff. When I’ll get around to this conversion I’ll post an article on the latter method.


Cool-looking Assault kommandos

02 Assault kommando

Here is another unit that became a little bit more tempting with the release of the Iron fang Kovnik (and Pagani’s recent Invitational win with Khador). I really dislike the models; specifically the ‘pig faced’ gas masks and the ‘mini-skirts’. Strakhov’s uniform looks so much better, why couldn’t they have copied that… As you can see in the sketch, the whole point of this conversion would be to make the Assault kommandos look more like the warcaster that ‘founded them’ .

This conversion would be a bit more time consuming than the simple weapon swap from above. For starters it will be necessary to file off some of the pouches on the model’s skirts and remove the original gas mask. Then you’d have to elongate the skirts (same method as for the coats and cloaks from my past Sculpting table articles), re-sculpt the gas masks and add a few details to the new long skirts.

If the Assault kommandos get a UA that makes them more competitive I might get motivated enough to make this conversion, but at the moment it is pretty far down my priority list…


Gunmage Boomhowlers

03 Boomhowler Gunmage

Despite how popular Boomhowlers are in the international competitive meta, locally nobody uses them, because nobody here likes these very old Mk1 metal models. Since we are all power-gamers we’ve been contemplating alternative models or possible conversions to make them more palatable and the consensus among us seems to be to convert Fennblades (basically weapon swap the swords with axes and add blunderbusses and ammo belts to the models).

However S’tan (my local Cygnar/Menoth/Skorne player) wants to go a step further and make them into a heavily Cygnar themed unit, so while we were discussing the possibilities he had the idea of making them into Trollkin Gunmages (he doesn’t like the trencher look for them). With that in mind we scouted PP’s bits shop for parts (specifically arms) that would facilitate that conversion (to avoid having to fully sculpt all the hands and weapons) and finally settled on Jarl Skuld’s left arm (for his rune pistol) and some of the Sons of Bragg’s sword arms (since gunmages wield swords not plebeian axes…).

Once that was decided I made the sketch you see, keeping in mind that we’ll be using Fennblade bodies (basically had to integrate the plastic model’s armor in the gunmage-like attire of these trollkins). S’tan likes the design so he will order the bits we need sometime this month and then I’ll probably get down to work and eventually write an article on that when it is done.


MoW Doom-Corps

04 Doom corp

To round things up, here is a conversion sketch for the coolest-looking unit type in the game: Man-o-Wars. Regular readers might remember similar conversion ideas in one of my first articles on MoM (link here) and this is just an extension of that project/theme. This time it is Doom reavers in MoW armor.

However, my ‘elite MoW’ detachments all wear huge trench coats (let say the theme is ‘Khador is so cold, you need a trench coat even if you walk around with a furnace on your back…’); what kind of trench coat would mad maniacs wear? (considering I already used the Butcher’s coat design on another MoW variant and I want each unit to have it own trench coat) How about flayed skin coat (if you’re familiar with Wh 40k models, think Fabius Bile for a visual reference).

From an execution stand point, the coats should not be any more difficult than the coats I made for the other MoW, but the Fellblades might be tricky. The simplest approach would be ordering 5 doomreaver swords and just pinning them to MoW fists, but I feel those would look to thin and small in the hands of MoW, so I’d probably sculpt my own in a proper scale for their bigger users. I’ll probably cut out of plastic card the shape of the sword and green stuff the ‘screaming souls’ pattern on its sides and then try to make a mold of it and cast it in resin (still have to figure that out) or green stuff. If that doesn’t work I’ll probably have to sculpt them all one by one…


To end the article in style some full color eye candy (my brother has been practicing his hand with Photoshop and other such programs …); enjoy!

05 Doom corp color 0

05 Doom corp color 1

05 Doom corp color 2

05 Doom corp color 3


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