1.21 Giganerds Episode 16

Our newest tabletop episode is here for your little hungry ear holes! We cover the Bonereapers and Ogres AoS battletomes, psychic awakening previews, and convergeance CID... and a myriad of other things. Also we're doing a Christmas themed 1.21 Giganerds shirt sale! It makes for a fun gift, looks like an ugly sweater, and helps us invest in some better equipment. That's what I call an absolute win! If you're interested you can click the button below and message us. If you have any thoughts, comments, or just discussion about our content, please head to our Facebook and let us know what you think!

You know you want one


Author: 1.21 Giganerds

1.21 Giganerds is a group of 4 disgruntled people with various opinions on things they have no business discussing. This crack team of nerds includes Dion "The Caveman" Francis, Steven "The Beard" Clinton, Heather "I am the manager, Karen" Willingham, and Chris "Juicebox" Collins.

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